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Implant Surfaces provides small to mid-sized nimble spinal and foot-and-ankle medical device companies with superior implant surface cell attachment performance backed by compelling in vitro and in vivo evidence unavailable elsewhere.

Proprietary Technology for Transformed Implant Performance

While big spine companies say all it takes is a little nanotopology to attach osteoblasts, not just any nanotopology is effective. In fact, a different and specific nanotopology is required to attach each different cell type. Using proprietary technologies, only Implant Surfaces produces the needed nanotopologies. With these, we deliver implant performance never before realized, in effect, making the impossible possible. Review our compelling in vitro and in vivo evidence available nowhere else.

Backed by Deep Expertise

For nearly two decades, the Implant Surfaces scientific team has integrated physics, chemistry and biology (including molecular biology) and employed proprietary, advanced, physics-based deposition methods and sophisticated surface testing in order to identify the specific charge profiles: those which muted the immune response to prevent fibroblast encapsulation; and, those which triggered MSC differentiation to deliver actual and complete osteoblast attachment.

During that effort, we developed the proprietary methods to exactly and repeatably produce the surfaces to deliver those charge profiles on implants made from many materials such as PEEK, Ti 6-4, and most other polymers, metals and ceramics. Our solution’s performance is quantifiable; it has been implanted in more than 55,000 spine and foot patients over 8 years, applied to more than 150,000 PEEK implants and cleared by the FDA on over 12 spinal and foot implant families. This deep expertise gives way to cell attachment transformation unavailable anywhere else with performance backed by the in vitro and in vivo evidence every company should demand.

Better, Faster Bone Fusion

Our performance-enhancing surface modifications deliver a level of cell attachment unavailable elsewhere. We provide an implant surface with surface signaling that delivers effective control of the interaction between the body and the surface of an implant. We do this by creating the surface charge profile that mutes immune response and triggers MSC differentiation into osteoblasts. As a result, virtually no fibroblast encapsulation nor true osteoblast attachment is as fast, complete and essential for better, faster fusion.  We back this up with compelling in vitro and in vivo evidence available nowhere else.

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