TiO₂ Ceramic Colors for Stainless, Aluminum, CoCr and NiTi

Revolutionary Colors Without the Need for Anodization!

  • Functional Protection
    • TiO₂ Ceramic 100% pinhole-free surface
    • Corrosion and wear resistance
    • Biocompatibility
    • Color retention through autoclaving/sterilization
  • Aesthetics
    • Branding
    • Set sorting (screws, tools, instruments)
    • Full color range of Ti anodizing
  • Applications
    • Any reflective metal surface including:
    • Stainless steel, aluminum, cobalt-chromium, NiTi, titanium

Implant Surfaces introduces its revolutionary TiO₂-based Shades™ Ortho Color coatings. They are specifically developed for orthopedic implants and instruments made of stainless steel, CoCr, nitinol, or any other metal/alloy which cannot currently be color anodized. Shades™ Ortho Color coatings are deposited uniformly in a vacuum on all device geometries using a proprietary technique that enables the production of a wide range of uniform interferometric color tones like those available from anodizing titanium devices.

Stainless steel or CoCr-based bone screws and plates as well as nitinol staples are excellent candidates to receive the Shades™ Color coatings. Benefits of applying Implant Surfaces pinhole-free TiO₂ Shades™ Ortho Color coatings include not only product differentiation and aesthetics, but also enhanced biocompatibility and osseointegration, as well as reduced galvanic-corrosion and metal ion release from these devices.