Dual+ AgO™


Under Development - Launch Planned for 2025

Drug-Free and Polymer-Free ANTIMICROBIAL Surface

Featuring Tunable Elution!

  • ZOI more comparable to that of a drug
  • Select antimicrobial intensity and duration to meet specific needs.
    1. Select duration: 7 days to 9 months
    2. Select intensity: 1 to 4 (Relative)
  • >6 log reduction
  • Reduce or eliminate biofilm formation
  • Apply to polymers, metals, and ceramics
  • Unique Plasma Deposition
  • Effective in Static and Flow Applications
  • FDA Master File


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Actual 6.5 to 8 log reduction in testing

The proven Dual+ AgO™ Antimicrobial Surface is nano-engineered to control nosocomial infection and biofilm formation to deliver longer device life and fewer complications.

The unique plasma deposition process allows dual-ion elution tuning of antimicrobial intensity and elution duration. A Dual+ AgO™  healing study confirms complete elution and healing at 21 days with tissue in-growth at 28 days, equivalent to control. White paper is available on request.

The highly active, non-stoichiometric silver oxide AgO surface can deliver >6 log bacterial reduction. Dual+ AgO™ Antimicrobial elutes faster than Ag2O to perform well in both static and high-flow environments and is polymer free.

The data shows the effective Zone of Inhibition (ZOI) for Dual+ AgO™ is approximately ten times larger than the ZOI for traditional silver oxide (Ag2O). Testing conducted by CMDClabs.com 9/22.