Quality Testing

We use a wide range of analytical techniques to support our research and development.  We are ISO 13485 certified and follow GMP procedures. Implant Surfaces uses quality analysis tools to perfect specialized surfaces to successfully match challenging client applications. Metrology and Bioactive surface testing are key elements to finding successful and innovative solutions to medical device challenges.

Physical Surface Testing

Our high-quality metrology lab is a key aspect of our success and is critical in both process control and nanoengineering surfaces for implants or instruments.

Bioactive Surface Testing

Implant Surfaces has developed a strategic partnership with CMDC laboratories and together have conducted extensive research on the interaction of bioactive surfaces for implant applications such as immune response and cell attachment.

CMDC Labs, is a commercial provider of in vitro bioactive surface testing, microbiology testing, immune response testing and scientific writing inviting medical device developers and manufacturers to make the unknown known. On-site Testing has been essential for understanding the biological interactions of our surfaces.

Many labs are limited in the number of clients they can serve at any given time, whether due to insufficient funding, staffing, equipment, timeline issues or a combination thereof. This can quickly lead to bottlenecking, leaving your project trapped in a queue of many. Even then, delays can still be frequent. When you work with a resource like CMDC Labs, you gain access to a large privately funded team with the skills and resources to effectively manage multiple projects and expedite timelines for

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