Instrument Coating

is our range of surfaces and surface treatments to increase the surface hardness while removing as much as 95%+ of reflected light. Irritated by reflected tool glare? We have the solution.

Our team of engineers uses a broad range of technologies to solve your wear and reflection problems, from sputtering to ALD (atomic layer deposition) which provide effective and consistent surfaces that meet very tight tolerances.

For wear surfaces we offer a range of nitrides, carbo-nitrides, carbides and oxides to match the application. Our surfaces can be nanometers up to 2+ microns thick for high-speed wear/lubricity applications. Some of our instrument surfaces are applied at room temperature to ensure the quality and metrology of the original part. We can also densify the surface and make it very hard; as high as Rockwell 85 C.


is an advanced multilayered nano composite, the next-generation high-performance surface wear coating.

ToolArmor™ is much better than high-performance steels alone; better than specialty alloys such as Vanadis 10 or traditional coatings such as chrome, CrN, TiN TiAlN and others. Advanced nano composites deliver the best performance without the drawbacks. Especially improves durability.

Features of ToolArmor

  • near room temperature deposition
  • hardness - 85 Rockwell C
  • low coefficient of friction 0.05
  • high wear resistance
  • chemical inertness
  • strong thermal stability
  • extremely conformal coating