Who We Are

Who we are

We are experts in Impossible Surfaces. Whether the project is for the medical industry or aerospace, we have been challenged to develop new solutions to a variety of difficult problems.

Over the last two decades, we have taken a multidisciplinary approach to developing and applying novel technology to address impossible surfaces. In the course of that research, we have discovered biological control mechanisms that can be influenced with nanotopology. In fact, while titanium is generally considered biologically compatible, we have discovered a deeper connection of deposition and topology to deliver an objective performance enhancement.

We Integrate Physics, Microbiology, Protein Chemistry and Immunochemistry to Determine How to Modify Implant and Surface Materials to Interact Successfully with the Human Body. Development applications include specific cell attachment directly to a device coating, suppression of fibroblasts, antimicrobial efficacy, Flex-Failure resistant surface post-treatments for 3D-printed parts, surfaces for 180° contact angle hydrophilic surfaces, surfaces for capture and delivery of eluting drugs, and even a transparent conductive coating for an ablation catheter. We even have a surface treatment under development that prevents any cell attachment for long-term implants.

Meet the leaders

David Hughes

David is a senior start-up and new technology executive with over 30 years of experience. He has started new, advanced technology businesses for large corporations such as 3M, Baxter Healthcare and The Signal Companies (now Honeywell) and has launched, grown or turned around a number of independent businesses.

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Terrence McGrath

Terry is a Business Development Manager. He has a background in theoretical physics and project management. He holds more than a dozen patents and has led projects in 30 product categories and has been deeply involved in the ideation, development and launch of many new projects.

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Samantha Miller

Samantha is our Director of Operations and Quality. She has a background in ISO standards, auditing, metrology, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing and nondestructive examination. Her quality standards career includes experience across the medical device, aerospace and oil & gas industries.

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Michael Paul

Michael is our Director of Process and Equipment Technology. He is tasked with overseeing our operational efficiencies, and he’s very good at his job. From improving production capacity 100% to ensuring operating procedures are followed, Michael is a key ingredient in the success of Implant Surfaces. 

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